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Majesty School Of Etiquette™ exists to inform, coach, inspire and motivate individuals to personal excellence.  To assist and encourage individuals and entities to become intentional in being the best they can be.
We work with churches, community agencies, schools and colleges, corporations and small groups, in addition to individual coaching.
The services offered at Majesty School of Etiquette™ cover a wide range and are tailored to the specific audience. 

Teaching social graces, dining decorum, image, customer service and business etiquette for all age groups and all situations.  For our youth Majesty provides building blocks necessary for a solid future developed through confidence, integrity, respect and leadership in a fun and entertaining environment. They will learn courtesy, social graces, dining and communication skills that will enable him or her to feel comfortable and confident in any situation.  Practical, applicable soft skills, image, personal development training and coaching for all, for every occasion.  Contemporary Etiquette training designed for local and international success in the 21st century.

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Majesty School of Etiquette™ is owned and operated by Janet E. Gillespie, Certified Image & Protocol and Personal Development Consultant